Sticotti Joinery Coatrack Sticotti Joinery Coatrack

Sticotti Joinery Coatrack


Easy to assemble

Modular assembly, endless configuration video

About the wood

Sticotti’s coat rack uses a combination of woods.

Long vertical poles are made from solid Pine wood, while sticks, pegs and fasteners are made from solid Peteribi wood. The difference between the two in color and wood grain is what creates the contrast between the core structure of the rack and all the secondary elements and slots.

Peteribi is a semi-hard wood, which works perfect to join the three main vertical poles.

Wood’s warmth and beauty work wonders for creating a sense of balance and calm within a space. It is an ancient, noble, living material that we have the privilege to live with and enjoy. The Sticotti workshop uses only certified woods that come from responsibly managed South American forests. This practice enables people to continue using wooden products without causing forest destruction.

A piece of home art

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